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  1. Hey I was wondering if I could join the ride in Kelowna meet at the bean scene down at 9am I signed the waver

  2. I would like to ride the route to Oliver you did on July 1, 2022. Ques: I thought the International Hike and Bike Trail is sand and gravel. Did you ride it with road bikes? If you rode on sand and gravel what kind of speed were you able to maintain?

  3. Hi Angus,
    Yes I am interested in the August 2021 Kootenay Group Ride.
    I could help in driving a support vehicle.
    I can do midweek or weekend.
    Thanks for organizing.
    Paul Stephenson

  4. Hi there! We meet at 10am in the Kelowna Nordic main lodge parking area (on McCulloch road) on Saturdays and Sundays. On Saturdays, some of us (e.g. Mel) snowshoe, others ski. There are wonderful snowshoe trails available at Nordic – go to the website and download the Avenza App, then the snowshoe trail map so you always know where you are, even without cell reception.
    If the weather is nice, we often sit at the edge of the parking lot for an outside/distanced picnic, starting around 12noon!

  5. Recently reloacted to Kelowna. Are you guys still meeting at Landmark Square area on Dickson Avenue for 9:00am on Sundays?

  6. hi

    Im planning to be in Kelowna the weekend of the 22nd-23rd of September and keen to do some road biking with a local group. Could you please advise where I might borrow/rent a road bike (58cm) and possibly shoes (US11.5) and helmet?

    many thanks in advance

  7. In town from Calgary. My wife and I would like to join your ride tomorrow. What time is it?

  8. I would like to know if anyone in your group has started a dialogue with the ministry of highways regarding making bike lanes on Old Vernon Road from Mckenzie to Spencer Road.

    Please let me know as I have made an initial call to them.

    Thank you.

  9. Looking for a buddy to help me on a long ride…i’m coming into town on Friday (july 15) and need to get a 6 hour ride in (training for IM Tremblant). Anyone in the group open to getting paid to ride with a lonely rider? I’m there with my family, therefore I’m looking to get my ride started around 6am to get it done by noon. Look forward to hearing from this very supportive cycling community.

  10. Yes, as per the website, we start at 9am from the Bean Scene on Dickson.
    They are welcome to join. Please note that we do not ride tight/draft close (we are all recreational riders and put safety first) and wait for everybody who joins the ride.

  11. Hello, I am looking to organize my U15 riders to come out weekly and ride with your group, or at least start with you. Bean scene at landmark buildings? 9 am?

  12. Sorry Leah, I didn’t see this until today. Generally speaking, there is always a Sunday ride, even on long weekends. Somebody will always be around and show up!

  13. Hi there, just checking to see if there is going to still be a ride this Sunday given the long weekend and all? I am hoping to try out the group if the weather holds up. Is 10:00am still the Sunday start time? Thanks!!

  14. Hi Steve. I would definitely recommend you ride with the A group. We are a more leisurely bunch, riding about 70-75km on Sundays. The A group goes faster and stops less, and given your total mileage and race results, I think you’d enjoy that much more. I believe they still start from the Bean Scene downtown on Bernard but just to make sure, I would get the details from Darin at Chainline Cycle. Enjoy the weekend here!

  15. I am trying to figure what ride would best suit me, the A or B group. I am looking for a training ride. I generally finish top 8 in my local club events and ride about 350km per week. I will be down over the long weekend. Could you please point in me in the best direction for a group ride on Saturday and Sunday?
    Steve Wyer

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