Myra-Bellevue Hike on Sunday

We will hike at the Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park on Sunday November 28th.   Sunday looks like the best weather day this weekend. The hike will start at 9:30 AM from the Myra-Bellevue parking lot.  Click here for a map of the parking lot / trail head location.

We will explore some different trails from the one’s we hiked last time.  There are many to choose from.  Hope to see you there.

Okanagan Mountain Hike on Saturday

This Saturday, November 20th, Graham will lead us on a hike at Okanagan Mountain Park.  The hike will start at 9:30 AM from the trail head / parking lot on Lakeshore Road.  Click here for a map of the trail head.

Note:  The hike is on Saturday this week as snow and rain is expected on Sunday.  If you are a creature of habit and show up on Sunday, you may be going solo.

Hike Myra-Bellevue on Sunday

This Sunday (November 14th) Graham will lead us on a hike at the Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park.  The hike will start at 9:30 AM from the Myra-Bellevue parking lot.  Click here for a map of the starting point.  The route may include the legendary Teddy Bear Junction and Flamingo Flats.

Rose Valley Hike on Sunday

Thanks to Bob & Betty Perra for agreeing to lead us on a hike of the Rose Valley on Sunday, November 7th.  The hike will start at the Perra residence located at 2056 Rosealee Ln, West Kelowna at 9:30 AM.  Click here for a map of the starting point.

We will do the Turkey Vulture loop.   Click here for a map of the route.

  •  round trip time approx. 2.5 hours
  •  total distance 10.4 kms.
  •  elevation climb 419 meters

Last Sunday we had a great hike up to the summit of Black Mountain.  Obviously we all enjoyed it.  See the smiling faces in the feature picture. Thanks to Tom Ferguson for leading.


Black Mountain Hike on Halloween

On Sunday, October 31st we will hike to the top of Black Mountain.

  Approximately 11 km in total distance, out and back, the hike follows an old dirt and gravel road which leads to communication towers at the top of the mountain. The hike ends at an elevation of 1286 m, from which a panoramic view of Big White and Silver Star, plus Terrace and Okanagan Mountains is available.

We will meet at the trail head (Pyman Road and Hwy 33) at 9:30 am on Sunday to begin the hike.   Click here for trail head location.

The weather looks great so hope to see you there.

Killer Beez Sunday October 24th Hike

This Sunday, October 24th, we will be hiking Spion Kop in Lake Country.  For those of you unfamiliar with this location, it is the triangular peak, topped by a microwave tower, that rises between Okanagan and Wood lakes just north of old Winfield.  The views can be spectacular so hopefully we will have some good weather.

We will gather at the Old Mission trail head at 9:30 AM to start the hike.  When heading north on the Pelmewash Parkway turn left onto Ponderosa Rd.  Then turn right onto Old Mission Road and park near the South Underpass for Hwy 97.  Click here for a map of trail head location.

Like all Killer Beez hikes, this hike will proceed rain or shine.  Therefore come dressed accordingly.

Killer Beez Group Rides

Some clarification about Killer Beez Group Rides:

Killer Beez group rides are unofficial, informal rides with established times and locations, when and where riders may be able to meet other riders in order to ride together.  Leaders are not provided and routes are determined by the participants.  During the spring and summer, the number of attendees is quite large.  However during the fall and winter, the number of participants will range from a few to none.  Therefore, you may find some buddies to ride with, or not. 

Enjoy riding as long as you like, but be careful out there, particularly as roads start to ice up.  We want to see you again in the spring.

Be sure to check back or subscribe for announcements regarding Killer Beez fall and winter activities like hiking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Knox Mountain Hike Scheduled for Sunday

Calling all hikers.  Bunny has volunteered to help lead a hike up Knox Mountain on Sunday.  The hike should last approximately 2 hours.  Participants are to meet in the main parking lot at the foot of Knox at 9:30 AM.

In keeping with Beez tradition, coffee will follow the hike at a Joyce approved establishment.

New starting times for the weekend group rides

Summer cycling is coming to an end! Hopefully there are still a few weeks left of nice fall weather for rides amongst coloured leaves.

Starting Saturday, October 9, the start times for our Saturday and Sunday group rides will change to 


Please pass this on to others who might not read the blog. Keep an eye out this fall for announcements for hiking adventures.

Unofficial Killer Beez Jerseys


We have “test ordered” a nice-looking Bee jersey to check the quality and fit. It’s a great design, either in black or white, soft fabric and good quality. The shorts are very cushioned with gel inserts.

jerseyblackIf you are interested in joining, please order directly from Aliexpress (which is 100% safe and used by millions; they even refund the money if you’re not satisfied). Shipping is free and takes about 25 days. Prices are low (eliminate the middle man!).

Here is the link to the jersey; you can see the shorts as well as full sets there too. Let me know if you have questions.