Book Launch by Meaghan Hackinen

Join the Kelowna’s highly accomplished, ultra endurance cyclist, Meaghan Hackinen on October 26, 2023 at 6:00 pm at Third Space Cafe in Kelowna to celebrate the launch of her new book, “Shifting Gears: Coast to Coast on the Trans Am Bike Race”, with special guest, Salty Beard Bikepacking (AKA Rob Biron). Stop by for a reading, a lively conversation about bikepacking and self-supported racing, and to grab signed copies.
Date: Thursday, October 26, 2023
Time: 6:00 – 7:30 pm
Location: Third Space Cafe, 1708 Dolphin Ave, Kelowna
FB Event (RSVP encouraged):
**Free and open to the public**

Scenic Canyon Hike

To continue the Killer Beez Fall Hiking Program, this Saturday (October 7th), we will be hiking the Scenic Canyon on the Mission Creek Greenway.  The hike will start at 9 AM from the Scenic Canyon parking lot.

Join us to enjoy the fall colours and beautiful views of Mission Creek and Layer Cake Mountain. 

Change in Start Time for Killer Beez Group Rides

With the the arrival of significantly cooler weather and shorter days, Killer Beez regular group rides scheduled for Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday will start at 10 AM, effective immediately.  The start time for the West Kelowna Friday group ride will remain at 9 AM.

This notice does not apply to the Green Mountain Ride scheduled for this Saturday.  The Green Mountain Ride will start at 9 AM from Skaha Lake Park in Penticton.

Green Mountain Ride Announcement

There appears to be considerable interest in riding the Green Mountain route out of Penticton.  Therefore it has been scheduled for Saturday, September 23rd and will start from Skaha Lake Park at 9 am

Carpooling will be available from Starbucks in West Kelowna from 7:30 – 745 am.  Be aware that there may be a slight delay on the drive to and from Penticton due to alternating one way traffic at the slide location north of Summerland. 

The Green Mountain route is approximately 90 km in total distance with 1,100 m of climbing.  Faster riders will have the option of including the climb to Apex Ski Village as well.  A couple of shortcuts are available for those wanting a shorter route.  The ride will be followed by coffee/lunch at a location to be chosen by the group.

Hope to see you there as this will probably be the Killer Beez last special ride of the season.

Checking in …

We just wanted to reach out to everybody and ask how you’re doing! Over the last 5 days, we have learned about evacuation orders for some of you, evacuation alerts, leaving the smoke behind and generally stress and worries for everybody. Thankfully the situation is calming down and no new wind events are forecast to happen. The firefighters did an amazing job protecting our community ❤️

Hopefully the current status we are aware of, that none of us has lost their house, continues to be true. Some of you are still in town battling the smoke while some of us have left early for the coast where the breathing is much better, or departed for Revelstoke and other areas with cleaner air. Remember to reach out to each other for support!

Wherever you are, stay safe and healthy!

Another Armstrong / Enderby Group Ride

Another Armstrong / Enderby Group Ride is planned for Friday September 8th and will start at 9 AM from Memorial Park in Armstrong.  Several people including Michael Malkowsky missed the first ride and so a second one had to be scheduled which Michael will lead. 

This popular ride travels through scenic farm land on the East side of Highway 97 to Enderby and Grindrod.  An excellent refreshment stop halfway along the route is Farmer Johns near Grindrod where riders can fuel up prior to the climb up either Springbend Road or Grandview Bench Road.


Before getting into the myths, I would like to ask for your support again: We have been maintaining the Beez blog with volunteer hours for probably 10-12 years now. With recent changes to implement the waiver, we needed help from a web developer and we would like to ask for your contribution to help cover his charges. Please consider sending a $10 Interac transfer right now (
$10 for all these years of communication about starting times, special rides, cycling articles and more seems like a great deal!  
Now, the below list aims to debunk some myths that I have heard over the last few days:
  • Yes you need to sign the waiver even if you just occasionally drop into a Beez group ride.
  • No it’s not a hassle, it takes 15 seconds. Once a year.
  • Yes we are checking the list at group rides.
  • No there is no cost for the waiver, the rides, the fun you have with your cycling buddies. But you have to sign the waiver.
  • Yes, thank you, we also think it works really well! 15 seconds, once a year.
  • No, we are still not a club.
  • Did I say you have to sign the waiver if you plan to join any of the rides in 2023?

Waiver and Safety Rules

To view the content of the Kelowna Killer Beez website, you must read and agree to the following Waiver and Safety Rules that apply to all our rides. Compliance with these rules and the signing of an annual waiver is mandatory in order to participate in our group rides.

  • You are riding at your own risk!
  • All road rules and traffic signals must be followed.
  • A helmet must be worn. It’s the law.
  • You should have liability insurance to cover any potential accidents.
  • All participants must ride single file and in bike lanes where available.
  • Highly visible clothing should be worn at all times while riding.
  • Pass only on the left when it is safe to do so. Passing or pulling up to riders on their right is not permitted.
  • Use of headphones or cell phones while riding is not permitted.

By clicking “AGREE” you acknowledge that you ride at your own risk and comply with the safety rules.