Green Mountain Ride! Yeehah!

Green Mountain Ride

Green Mountain Ride September 8th (weather permitting) 

Meet at 7:45am at Starbucks on 2231 Louie Drive in West Kelowna to carpool. If you have room for another rider or are looking for a ride, please meet us there!  The ride starts in Penticton at 9am in the Skaha Lake Parking lot (corner Elm Ave and Cypress St). 

The ride is approximately 90km long with almost 1100m of climbing, see GPS here. Bring enough food and drinks for this distance (one resupply point at 47km).

We will regroup and wait for everybody at the very least at the Apex turnoff, the junction with Highway 3A, Twin Lake Golf Course (to resupply) and Okanagan Falls. If waiting to regroup is not for you, feel free to organize a separate ride!

Watch this blog for a last update on Sept 8th at 6am to confirm (or cancel) the ride, based on weather.

After this wonderful Green Mountain ride, please mark your calendars for another favourite, the Armstrong Ride for the following Sunday, September 15th. This one is organized by Tom Ferguson.

BC Senior Games

From Mel:

Leslie and I are volunteering in the BC Senior Games, which are being held in Kelowna on September 10 – 14, 2019.  As they still require over 600 volunteers, would you consider volunteering? 

The link for the BC Senior Games website is

Thanks! Mel Saari

Let’s do our part!


Bob recently shared this link to a BC Government survey on plastics waste:

“It helps if more people participate. You can be one.”

Please make sure to fill it out! We want to continue riding in an unpolluted environment, and we have to do our part. On that note, Frances’ suggestion makes a lot of sense:

“Lots of people making small changes can make a big difference. As cyclists who often stop at coffee shops after our rides, we can be big users of plastic. This applies more to those of us that drink cold drinks as those tend to be sold in plastic cups with straws. Since we usually have empty water bottles on our bikes by the time we stop at the coffee shop, consider asking the staff to put your purchased drink in your empty water bottle instead of using a single use plastic cup!”

For all our hot and cold beverages before and after a ride, let’s make sure to use reusable containers, whether it’s our water bottle or a porcelain mug at the coffee store. No more paper or plastic cups!

Claudio’s MS Ride

Please have a look at Claudio’s pictures and read his story below:

My name is Claudio Incrocci. I am fairly new to the group and cycling.  You might see me at the beginning of each ride but I am still not fast enough to finish with the group but an honor to be just a small part of it.

The “before” picture …

I want to tell you my story because if anyone says they can’t cycle and can’t do it, you can share my story.  Eighteen months ago I could hardly spin an indoor bike at zero resistance.  I lost 40 pounds just to be able to ride outside and lost a total of 70 pounds.

 Fourteen months ago I started to ride outside when my daughter got me to do the “Bike to Work Week”.  It took me 20 minutes to do my first 5km, and each day of BTWW it took 3 hours to do most of the stations of the day.  I won the individual rider class for most participation and kilometers, and won a free month at Steve Nash Fitness. My daughter got me to do the MS Ride last September.  I didn’t get much training last summer because of all the smoke.  We did a few 25km to 35km rides. I was very slow and my daughter had to wait for me a few times and I had to rest a few times up each hill.  I used my free month at the gym for spin classes and got me ready for the MS Ride.

I did the 53km first day MS Ride and 52 km (mostly hills) second day MS Ride.  I made it both days and at the top of those hills the second day.  I wanted to do the 105km first day MS Ride this year (now shortened to 72km), so I wanted to push myself this year.  I did 4 months of spin classes and my first ride this year was with the Kelowna Killer Beez and I did 71.5 km. Since then I have done charity rides of 50km, 100km and 118km, and I also did the Great Cycle Challenge and the 160.9km Grand Fondo . 

The MS Ride got me going and inspired me to continue. The Kelowna Killer Beez inspired me to want to do better.  I have been training very hard for a novice cyclist.  It can be very intimidating at first and hard to fit in with any group but slowly any of us can become a good cyclist.  Last year I got smiles but this year I get the wave and nod, so I know I’m on the right path.  I also need more cyclist friends on Facebook.

I donated a lot of money to charity rides of all kinds for the love of cycling.  I need your help to fundraise for Multiple Sclerosis for my MS Ride on September 7 and 8, 2019.  Every day 3 or more Canadians get diagnosed with MS. Any amount will be appreciated and $20.00 and up gets you an official tax receipt.  You can be totally anonymous if you would prefer.  

Thank you for any donations you can give. You can click on my link or copy and paste, and then click Donate on my personal page below.

Thank you


Party and Arm Warmers reminder!

Lots going on next week! The arm warmers will be available for pickup at 7pm on Wednesday after Joyce’s Ride at Blenz coffee shop (Pandosy Village). They will also be available on Friday at the Killer Beez potluck and on Sunday after the Sunday ride at 12noon at the Bean Scene. I might be out of town after that so please pick up yours next week at one of the three spots.

Again I would prefer an interac email transfer (; password: killerbeez) or PayPal (same email). Otherwise cash at pickup.

Also a last reminder to join the Killer Beez potluck:

“You are hereby invited to our Summer Killer Beez Potluck Party!

Date and Time: Friday, August 9, 2019 – 6pm

Address: 5005 Treadgold Court, Kelowna

To bring: One dish and your own drinks (food categories will be allocated)

Please RSVP to by August 3, 2019

Looking forward to seeing you!”

Arm warmers have arrived!

I am still out of town but will distribute them next Wednesday (August 7) at 7pm after the ride at Blenz Coffee shop (Pandosy village) and next week Sunday (August 11) at 12pm after the ride at Bean Scene HQ on Dickson.

I would most prefer if you could send me the money ($15 per pair) via email bank transfer or PayPal (


Westside Special Ride

From Michael:

“We would like to do a different ride on Friday, August 09, this time in Summerland. We meet at Starbucks in West Kelowna for car pooling at 08:20am and start the ride at 9:00am in Summerland. Parking is on Kelly Ave at the Summerland Middle School. The ride is mostly on quiet roads with some hills; distance is about 65KM. Hope the weather will be good and see you there.


PARRRRRTY! Please join us …

Jeanette and Tony are throwing a party for the Killer Beez:

“You are hereby invited to our Summer Killer Beez Potluck Party!

Date and Time: Friday, August 9, 2019 – 6pm

Address: 5005 Treadgold Court, Kelowna

To bring: One dish and your own drinks (food categories will be allocated)

Please RSVP to by August 3, 2019

Looking forward to seeing you!”

Also remember that this is a great opportunity to give a birthday hug to Joyce!!!

Sunday Ride July 14

A few of the Beez would like to make the upcoming Sunday ride (July 14) a bit longer by going to Predator Ridge. Same meeting spot and time (9am at Bean Scene) where the details of the route will be shared. If you’re interested, just show up prepared (food and drinks).