Knox Mountain Hike Scheduled for Sunday.

Calling all hikers.  Bunny has volunteered to help lead a hike up Knox Mountain on Sunday.  The hike should last approximately 2 hours.  Participants are to meet in the main parking lot at the foot of Knox at 9:30 AM.

In keeping with Beez tradition, coffee will follow the hike at a Joyce approved establishment.

Memorial Ride for Alistair Baillie

We are dedicating the group ride on August 14, 2021, to our beloved friend and long-time Killer Bee, Alistair Baillie, who passed away in October 2020.  This memorial ride will start at 8am from the Kelowna Cycle parking lot, and the route will incorporate sections from the A ride and the Killer Beez Wednesday night ride which Alistair rode with us many times over the years.  Alistair’s kindness, good nature and sense of humour made every ride or activity we shared with him special. 

Join us at to share your memories of our dear friend.

Beez Wednesday Group Ride Starts at 8 AM.

OK, we give up. 

It’s just too hot to ride at 4:30 pm.  Therefore the Killer Beez Wednesday group ride will start at 8:00 AM until further notice from the Kelowna Cycle parking lot.

Come join us for a relaxed 35 km ride around SE Kelowna – followed by coffee and gossip of course.

Killer Beez Saturday Group Ride

Although it has been operating unofficially for a while, the Killer Beez Saturday Group Ride is now official.  Currently beginning at 8 AM due to the heat wave, the ride starts in the Kelowna Cycle parking lot.  This is a highly social, relaxed pace ride of 40 to 50 km.  Routes will vary week to week.  Enjoying coffee (or your beverage of choice) and conversation (gossip) after the ride is almost as important as the ride itself.

Come out and enjoy.

Can anyone help this motorcyclist?

Mike Wagstaff recently saw this sign on a lamp post on Lakeshore Road, south of Bertram Creek.

If anyone feels they can help this person, please call the number on the sign.

The Kootenay Group Ride is Happening !!

Due to a great response, the Killer Beez Kootenay Group Ride will be proceeding.  The following dates and routes have been finalized in order to best accommodate the wishes of participants and hotel room availability.

Saturday, Aug 28th: Arrive in Castlegar.  Book into motel (to be determined).

Sunday, Aug 29th:  Drive 4 miles to Angus’s in-laws at the Pass Creek Park entrance.  Leave cars there (room for 8-10).  Ride from Castlegar to Nelson via Trail and Salmo.  Overnight in Nelson.  Hotel to be determined.  112 kms total distance, 897 m elevation gain.  Click here for route map.

Monday, Aug 30th:  Ride from Nelson to New Denver via Kaslo.  Overnight in New Denver.  Hotel to be determined.  115 kms total distance, 1088 m of elevation gain.  Click here for route map.

Tuesday Aug 31st:  Ride from New Denver to Castlegar via Slocan.  102 kms total distance, 746 m elevation gain.  Arrive back at our cars mid to late afternoon.  Click here for route map.

NB:  A meeting will be held at the Bean Scene after the ride at 11 am on Sunday, July 4th to answer questions and accept sign ups for this ride. 

Green Mountain Ride Cancelled Due to Heat Wave

We have decided to cancel the Green Mountain Ride scheduled for Saturday, June 26th due to the extremely high temperature of 38 degrees C predicted for the Penticton region on that day.  As it’s a long, challenging ride with over 1,000 meters of climbing, we don’t want anyone to suffer from heat stroke.  We will reschedule the ride for later in the season when cooler temperatures prevail.

Green Mountain Ride on Saturday, June 26th.

After missing the 2020 riding season, it’s about time we did the Green Mountain ride.  It’s a Killer Beez favourite, combining long climbs with exciting descents and great scenery.  The ride is over 90 km in length with 1,000 + meters of climbing, but we’re in shape for that by now, aren’t we?  If not, get practising and join us on Saturday, June 26th.

Start time for the ride is 9:00 AM from the parking lot of Skaha Lake Park.  Those interested in carpooling can meet at Starbucks in West Kelowna at 7:45 AM.

Sunday Ride start time changes from 10 AM to 9 AM.

OK, now that summer and hot days are approaching, it’s time to change the start time of the Killer Beez Sunday Group Ride from 10 AM to 9 AM.  So starting on Sunday, June 6th, the start time will be 9 AM.  Set your alarm clocks accordingly.   

That means there will be plenty of time to mow the lawn after the ride.  Oh goody.