Happy 2021!

Wishing all the Killer Beez and their families a wonderful New Year … Lots of bike km’s, coffees and no flat tires!

Do you see yourself in this video? Comment on the post if you do 🙂

Happy Wednesday!

Hope you’re enjoying this beautiful day! Remember that quite a few of us ski on Wednesdays, Saturday and Sundays at Kelowna Nordic. They also have great snowshoe trails! If the sun is out, we picnic near the parking lot afterwards (and sample the newest baking endeavours of Mel, his wife Leslie and Larry!). Feel free to email Mel or myself if you’d like to meet up … you don’t have to be a fast skier, we have fun at different paces and abilities!

Here is something that the “Honorary Bee” Stephen in Vancouver sent to us:

Onto the ski trails …

The last shoulder season week was a busy one for the Beez … we hiked and snowshoed, enjoying deep snow and beautiful vistas.

As always, Geoff outdid himself with his Relive work … thank you for providing these!
Check them out below:

The ski season has now started. Some of us will explore Sovereign Lakes, others are happy that Kelowna Nordic started grooming on the same weekend. If you have never tried xc skiing, maybe this is the winter to give it a go – it is a great sport, providing a full-body workout without lasting all day, fresh air and sunshine, and no cars, fumes or traffic lights!

A group of us ski Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday mornings. If you’d like to meet up, please email us. The snowshoe trails at Kelowna Nordic are also fabulous, with great views, flagged trails and even GPS-referenced maps (so you can always check on your phone where you are). Tom has done amazing work on this all summer!

If you do not have a Kelowna Nordic season pass, you can still buy it ($125 for the whole season!) or conveniently donate online for day use passes (ski or snowshoe). Please see their website.

Lastly, I just wanted to comment on what a great group of people the Beez are! It is so nice to have a group of friends who are always interested in a good workout outside – and are not scared off by snow, steep climbs etc. I appreciate you all! 

Hike – Sunday November 15! – SPION KOP

Update: The survey results show a clear preference for Spion Kop. So after a coffee at 9am we will be driving to the parking lot above Pelmewash Parkway. Here is the link for the trailhead. Hike will start at 10am.


Please take a minute to watch Geoff’s RELIVE of Sunday’s sunny hike around Rose Valley!

What is your preference for next Sunday? Despite the new snow, my guess is that skiing will not start yet. And even with snow on the ground, both McDougall Rim and Spion Kop would be fine to walk (we have done both in the snow and there are hardly any rocks, though shoes/boots with a good profile are recommended). And maybe the snow is melted away until then anyway!

Please complete this survey to let me know your preference!

Meet at 9am at the Bean Scene on Dickson, 10am hike start. Carpooling would be great! I will update the blog on Friday to reveal the destination. 

Hike – Sunday November 8!

Congratulations to all who came out yesterday and completed the challenging hike at Okanagan Mountain Park! Our “videographer” Geoff put together a beautiful Relive:

Next Sunday we will go for something a bit LESS challenging! Bob will lead us from his house around Rose Valley Reservoir. This is not a particularly technical hike but does cover almost 12km, as per his details below. The forecast is for a cool day with gorgeous sunshine.

Meet at 9am at the Bean Scene if you are coming from town and are interested in coffee/car pooling. Meet outside Bob’s house at 2056 Rosealee Lane in West Kelowna at 10am, ready to hike. There is ample parking along the road just past his driveway.

From Bob:   Rose Valley hike description

  • Trail conditions: mostly good, some short rocky sections
  • Distance:  12 kms
  • Estimated hiking time: 3 hours
  • Spectacular views!
  • Bring a snack to provide energy for a short technical section near the end …

Hike – Sunday November 1

Ouch, is it really November already?

Since we changed our hike destination to Crawford this past Sunday (check out Geoff’s wonderful video here) and the snow will be melting this week with temperatures up to 12C and no frost at night, we will be heading to Okanagan Mountain Park to do the Lookout Loop next Sunday. It takes about 2.5 – 3 hours to hike. 

Meet at 9am at the Bean Scene on Dickson Road for carpooling, 10am in the parking lot for Okanagan Mountain Park (if you are planning to meet us there, please let me know in case anything unforeseen comes up and I need to contact you the morning of). 

Winter is awesome!

It appears that many Beez enjoy the winters and go xc skiing, downhill skiing, backcountry skiing or snowshoeing. In my opinion it’s a GREAT time of the year, and a good workout on the xc ski or snowshoe trails in the sunshine when the snow is perfect and there is no cars or traffic lights or noise …  is hard to beat! Add to that lunch with your friends afterwards at the cabin (yes, socially distanced) and you have a perfect winter’s day!

Here is a good article that might be helpful for those of you who still dread the winters … 

Suddenly it’s fall!

If you are planning on meeting us at 10am for the hike only (without coming to the coffee shop), please check with us after 9am on the final decision on hike destination … just in case there is a consensus to change the location!

We left what felt like summer in Kelowna 10 days ago and come back to snow and freezing overnight temperatures! It seems that fall (winter?) has arrived quickly.

As such, the Beez decided today that cycling is done for 2020 – this includes the Sunday and Wednesday rides. We will be switching to hiking while we wait for the xc ski areas to open up!

On Sunday, October 25, we will meet at 9am at the Bean Scene on Dickson to hike the Okanagan Mountain Park loop  (start there at 10am). I hope you can make it! One of the next hikes will be Spion Kop in Lake Country.

Also, some of us have been in touch with Alistair’s wife directly to express our condolences but we also wanted to give you the option to sign a card for her. We will have this available at 9am on Sunday at the Bean Scene so even if you can’t make the hike, you are welcome to stop by to sign the card.

It’s been a very challenging year so let’s enjoy some of the fall colours and the fresh air until we can ski!