Checking in …

We just wanted to reach out to everybody and ask how you’re doing! Over the last 5 days, we have learned about evacuation orders for some of you, evacuation alerts, leaving the smoke behind and generally stress and worries for everybody. Thankfully the situation is calming down and no new wind events are forecast to happen. The firefighters did an amazing job protecting our community ❤️

Hopefully the current status we are aware of, that none of us has lost their house, continues to be true. Some of you are still in town battling the smoke while some of us have left early for the coast where the breathing is much better, or departed for Revelstoke and other areas with cleaner air. Remember to reach out to each other for support!

Wherever you are, stay safe and healthy!


Before getting into the myths, I would like to ask for your support again: We have been maintaining the Beez blog with volunteer hours for probably 10-12 years now. With recent changes to implement the waiver, we needed help from a web developer and we would like to ask for your contribution to help cover his charges. Please consider sending a $10 Interac transfer right now (
$10 for all these years of communication about starting times, special rides, cycling articles and more seems like a great deal!  
Now, the below list aims to debunk some myths that I have heard over the last few days:
  • Yes you need to sign the waiver even if you just occasionally drop into a Beez group ride.
  • No it’s not a hassle, it takes 15 seconds. Once a year.
  • Yes we are checking the list at group rides.
  • No there is no cost for the waiver, the rides, the fun you have with your cycling buddies. But you have to sign the waiver.
  • Yes, thank you, we also think it works really well! 15 seconds, once a year.
  • No, we are still not a club.
  • Did I say you have to sign the waiver if you plan to join any of the rides in 2023?

Good to go!

Photo by Cytonn Photography on Unsplash

Sorry, we have noticed and fixed some of the technical issues so the waiver is working fine again!

Please remember to sign the new waiver if you plan on joining any of the Killer Beez group rides. Instructions in the previous post:

Click here to open and sign the waiver!

Also, please consider contributing to the costs for this waiver, professional website work and domain registration for our blog by sending $10 via Interac to

We appreciate your support ❤️

Action needed: SIGN and SEND

Photo by Alessio Soggetti on Unsplash

Fellow Beez!

With Peter’s help, we have now implemented a waiver for our group rides that is available on the website. Everybody who wants to ride with the group in Kelowna and around the Okanagan (out-of-town special rides) needs to fill out this waiver once a season
For 2023, please go to:
and enter your information. If you are not already part of the mailing list (you get a notification when a new blog post is published), you will get added to it unless you opt out. A few of us will have access to a master list of registered riders that is available on our phones so we will check this list against riders showing up for any of the rides. 
So please don’t delay and fill this out today – it only takes a few seconds!
If you are not on this list, you will not be able to join any group rides!
In addition, implementing this meant we had to use Peter’s IT skills and time, which is what he does for a living and therefore we incurred some costs. All the rest of the work on the website so far has been completed by volunteers (and domain costs paid) but we ask you this time to contribute a small amount to this necessary website upgrade.
Please send an Interac/email transfer to for $10 and we will collect these contributions to reimburse Graham. 
Thank you!

Special Ride

On Friday June 16, 2023, we would like to go on a ride in Summerland. Of course as always, weather permitting.

This is the ride:

We will meet on Kelly Ave at the Summerland Middle School for parking. 9:30am should be a good starting time. You are welcome to invite other rides.

Hope to see you there and have fun. Just friends riding together.


Bob Perra Memorial Ride – Please read!

Continuing our ongoing efforts to educate our riders about their assumption of all risks during our rides as well as our safety rules, we have attached a waiver for the Bob Perra Memorial Ride (June 3, 2023 – 10am from Lumby; meeting at Super A Fresh Mart parking lot).

If you are planning to join this ride, you must read, print, sign and BRING the waiver to the ride. We can not allow anyone without a signed waiver to ride with us.

Killer Beez Waiver


Walk in the snow – Saturday Nov 12

We might be close to getting the skis out but for this Saturday, we are going to stay in town and enjoy the snow here! The weather is clearing, as are the roads.

Meet at 9am at the Bean Scene Dickson, chat over coffee, then head out to Scenic Canyon at 9:45am (which is mostly flat and should be easy to walk)! Start will be at 10am there. We will see how far we make it!

For those who are keen we could discuss a snowshoe outing for Sunday …

Hike for Saturday – October 29

As requested, we are going to hike Pin Cushion Mountain (Peachland) on Saturday (Oct 29)!

It’s a short hike of about 2km to the top but it is steep so bring good shoes and/or poles.

  • Elevation at the gate (start): 570 m (1875 ft)
  • Elevation at the summit: 815 m (2682 ft)

The parking lot is off Ponderosa Drive (turn right at the next light AFTER the IGA/Petrocan shopping area on the right). Hike starts at 10am, rain or shine.

Please carpool from Starbucks on Louie Drive (the “new” Starbucks in West Kelowna) due to limited parking and for the Earth – meet there at 9:30am. If you can arrange to pick up a fellow hiker somewhere in Kelowna, even better. 

We will most definitely gather at Bliss Bakery after the hike 🙂 Also, there is an option to walk around the new Goats Peak Regional Park (which is off the highway when coming back from Peachland) on the way back, if anybody wants to walk more. It has very nice views as well.

Hike for Saturday (and Rail Trail Tour tomorrow!)

Remember: Rail Trail Tour tomorrow, Wednesday – Enjoy the last sunshine before it turns ugly! Details in the previous post …

Hike for Saturday, October 22:

The weather forecast looks questionable so the plan is to meet at the Bean Scene (Dickson) for a coffee at 9am, then decide whether it’s nice enough to hike Scenic Canyon (starting in the Greenway parking lot) or maybe just do a walk on the Rail Trail starting at the Bean Scene if it’s wet. 

We will decide, caffeinated, at 9:45am where we will go! Bring a jacket!


Annual Rail Trail Excursion – October 19

With a forecast for 21C and sunshine for Wednesday, we are looking at ideal weather for our annual rail trail trip to Coldstream! Please join us!

We will be starting on the south end of Wood Lake in Lake Country by the tennis courts. See picture. Meet at 1 pm on Wednesday, October 19, 2022, in the parking lot at the east end of Woodsdale Road (arrow in the pictures), just before the uphill towards Oyama that we have ridden many times.

It’s always a favourite so cancel any non-essential plans and join us 🙂 It is 26km (one way) to the pub in Coldstream for refreshments. Pace will be very leisurely. Most of us use a mountain bike or e-bike with sturdy tires but it has been done on a road bike with wider tires as well.


Waiver and Safety Rules

To view the content of the Kelowna Killer Beez website, you must read and agree to the following Waiver and Safety Rules that apply to all our rides. Compliance with these rules and the signing of an annual waiver is mandatory in order to participate in our group rides.

  • You are riding at your own risk!
  • All road rules and traffic signals must be followed.
  • A helmet must be worn. It’s the law.
  • You should have liability insurance to cover any potential accidents.
  • All participants must ride single file and in bike lanes where available.
  • Highly visible clothing should be worn at all times while riding.
  • Pass only on the left when it is safe to do so. Passing or pulling up to riders on their right is not permitted.
  • Use of headphones or cell phones while riding is not permitted.

By clicking “AGREE” you acknowledge that you ride at your own risk and comply with the safety rules.