Road Bike for Sale … and Killer Beez headlines!

Clarice’s husband is selling his beautiful bike! Please see the info in the ad and below … contact them directly if interested.

Phone number:  250-870-1675

CERVELO R3 high end performance carbon fibre road bike. Low kilometres, 18 speed with new sprocket set for hills. Aluminum Aero wheels ( American Classic). Horizontal tube 55 cm . Ridden by 5’11“ male . Tool bag and pump included . This years model won the Tour de France ! It is in really good condition ( due to the low kilometres ). $1900.00 OBO
And disturbing Killer Beez headlines from NZ! No affiliation I hope 🙂

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  1. Some years ago I was riding with the Manukau Veterans cycle club south of Auckland. I was warned at the time that my Beez shirt might get me into trouble. Fortunately never encountered the biker club.

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