A strange thing happened on the way back from Oliver

There was no head wind.  Highly unusual, but a very good thing.   Therefore there wasn’t the normal amount of whining after the last leg of the Oliver ride along Skaha Lake – just smiles.

11 riders (including Roxy) participated in Wednesday’s ride.  Conditions were a little cool at the start but warmed up nicely to an ideal riding temperature in the mid 20s.  We only experienced one flat tire (Bunny), which was changed by Andrew in under 5 minutes due to excellent supervision by the group.

The ride was followed by a great lunch at the Bad Tattoo in  Penticton.

Click here for Relive of the ride as prepared by Geoff.

2 Replies to “A strange thing happened on the way back from Oliver”

  1. I didn’t know you were a “leg” admirer, Joyce. But yes, Geoff does have rather nice bike legs.

  2. Thanks for the vicarious ride -I was weary after watching Geoffs “Relive” .Also -Very impressive bike legs!!

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