Another Armstrong / Enderby Group Ride

Another Armstrong / Enderby Group Ride is planned for Friday September 8th and will start at 9 AM from Memorial Park in Armstrong.  Several people including Michael Malkowsky missed the first ride and so a second one had to be scheduled which Michael will lead. 

This popular ride travels through scenic farm land on the East side of Highway 97 to Enderby and Grindrod.  An excellent refreshment stop halfway along the route is Farmer Johns near Grindrod where riders can fuel up prior to the climb up either Springbend Road or Grandview Bench Road.

Waiver and Safety Rules

To view the content of the Kelowna Killer Beez website, you must read and agree to the following Waiver and Safety Rules that apply to all our rides. Compliance with these rules and the signing of an annual waiver is mandatory in order to participate in our group rides.

  • You are riding at your own risk!
  • All road rules and traffic signals must be followed.
  • A helmet must be worn. It’s the law.
  • You should have liability insurance to cover any potential accidents.
  • All participants must ride single file and in bike lanes where available.
  • Highly visible clothing should be worn at all times while riding.
  • Pass only on the left when it is safe to do so. Passing or pulling up to riders on their right is not permitted.
  • Use of headphones or cell phones while riding is not permitted.

By clicking “AGREE” you acknowledge that you ride at your own risk and comply with the safety rules.