Killer Beez Group Rides

Some clarification about Killer Beez Group Rides:

Killer Beez group rides are unofficial, informal rides with established times and locations, when and where riders may be able to meet other riders in order to ride together.  Leaders are not provided and routes are determined by the participants.  During the spring and summer, the number of attendees is quite large.  However during the fall and winter, the number of participants will range from a few to none.  Therefore, you may find some buddies to ride with, or not. 

Enjoy riding as long as you like, but be careful out there, particularly as roads start to ice up.  We want to see you again in the spring.

Be sure to check back or subscribe for announcements regarding Killer Beez fall and winter activities like hiking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Waiver and Safety Rules

To view the content of the Kelowna Killer Beez website, you must read and agree to the following Waiver and Safety Rules that apply to all our rides. Compliance with these rules and the signing of an annual waiver is mandatory in order to participate in our group rides.

  • You are riding at your own risk!
  • All road rules and traffic signals must be followed.
  • A helmet must be worn. It’s the law.
  • You should have liability insurance to cover any potential accidents.
  • All participants must ride single file and in bike lanes where available.
  • Highly visible clothing should be worn at all times while riding.
  • Pass only on the left when it is safe to do so. Passing or pulling up to riders on their right is not permitted.
  • Use of headphones or cell phones while riding is not permitted.

By clicking “AGREE” you acknowledge that you ride at your own risk and comply with the safety rules.