New Temporary Start: Bean Scene on Dickson!!!

Because of the construction on Bernard Avenue downtown and to try something new for a while (more space, better access, better parking etc.) the B group will start from the Bean Scene on Dickson Avenue until downtown is accessible again (10am start). It has many advantages: More parking, better access, more space for “the coffee after”, same good coffee and baking, some new routes as well as a safer start of the ride, not having to cross the Highway with the whole group.

Not sure when the weather will be warm enough to start but I’m hoping we will be out by Easter. Until then, meet other “die-hards” at the Bean Scene Headquarters on Dickson. Start time is 10am until further notice ….

Original note from the Bean Scene owner:

“As the construction has begun on our end of Bernard, I was thinking the other day that our cyclists would have trouble getting to the shop on Sundays to begin their rides this Spring. I would like to offer an alternative until the road re-opens on the May long weekend. I have another shop near the Landmark buildings @ 1615 Dickson Avenue. We call it Bean Scene HQ. We have a HUGE patio with lots of seating and Adirondacks. We are currently VERY quiet at that shop on Sundays, so if the cycling group would like to meet there instead of downtown, I would be happy to accommodate by bringing in extra staff for the next two months.”

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