Party Time!

We have put in the work, riding through smoke and heat and rain and cold … now it is time to celebrate the end of the season!

The 2017 edition of this legendary party is being hosted by Pam and Shaun in West Kelowna.

Location: #6 – 2155 Horizon Drive
Instructions: The gate closes at 6pm. If you arrive late, please press 6 on the Intercom and Shaun will open the gate for you.

Date: Friday October 13 – No scary masks allowed!

Time: 5:30pm

Details: Bring your own refreshments and an appetizer to share. BBQ and oven are available to reheat or cook.

All cyclists and their spouses are invited!

One Reply to “Party Time!”

  1. Have a great party. Paul and I are touring around Northern Spain after a week of cycling in Mallorca. We will just miss the party – return to Kelowna around the 15th. Say hi from us. Paul managed a few days of cycling with a private guide. His hip is still giving him some grief.

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