Reminder: Killer Beez Arm Warmers

Everybody was excited when we discussed potential Beez gear for 2018 … thank you to those who emailed me … but sadly I have heard from only a few so far 🙁

Now that we have the design and arrangements, I need more orders to make it worthwhile! Remember that the price is about half of what they cost in the store …

Please see the original post below for details:

It has been a long while since we ordered Killer Beez jerseys … and after a  recent post-ride discussion, we decided to offer a new item this year: Arm warmers!

As per the picture below, they are uniquely designed with the previous bee mascot but neutral in colour to go with any jersey. They can be worn to keep the warmth in or the sun out, and have a silicone strip to stay in place. 

They will be very competitively priced at $15 per pair (no tax). If you would like to order, please email me with the number of pairs and sizes. This is a great gift for yourself, children who cycle, wives/husbands who run or friends who ski! There is no such thing as an “official Beez member” so anybody is welcome to order and wear them with pride.

Sizing: Small fits a Joyce or Biggi. Medium fits Mel or Michael. Large fits Graham or Bob. If you need exact measurements, here are the narrow (wrist)/wide (arm) openings for each size:

  • Small: 136mm/230mm
  • Medium: 156mm/255mm
  • Large: 176mm/280mm

Please email me at to order. Will figure out distribution later …

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