Beware of the bike scam …

This is a note from Angus … I have encountered this before and my (previously stolen and then recovered) bike was advertised like this in the past. When someone is interested, the claim the bike isn’t here, or in transit etc. STAY AWAY!

“Thought you might be interested in a scam (I believe.) that I found on craigslist Kelowna in bikes for sale by owner section. 

They have a very expensive Scott road bike listed for sale for $1521.

I tried to make arrangements to see the bike and have Shaun buy it for me. He was given a story that the bike was packaged for shipping and was in Winnipeg. When Shaun stated that he was going to be in Winnipeg for xmas and that he could do the deal there correspondence stopped. I do not know how to alert craigslist but thought you might like to at least put a warning out to all the bees. If it not a scam it is a killer deal. ( Just too good to be true.)”