Let’s do our part!

Bob recently shared this link to a BC Government survey on plastics waste:

“It helps if more people participate. You can be one.”


Please make sure to fill it out! We want to continue riding in an unpolluted environment, and we have to do our part. On that note, Frances’ suggestion makes a lot of sense:

“Lots of people making small changes can make a big difference. As cyclists who often stop at coffee shops after our rides, we can be big users of plastic. This applies more to those of us that drink cold drinks as those tend to be sold in plastic cups with straws. Since we usually have empty water bottles on our bikes by the time we stop at the coffee shop, consider asking the staff to put your purchased drink in your empty water bottle instead of using a single use plastic cup!”

For all our hot and cold beverages before and after a ride, let’s make sure to use reusable containers, whether it’s our water bottle or a porcelain mug at the coffee store. No more paper or plastic cups!