Avid cyclist wants your help!

May 6, 2015

Dear Friends and Family:

Since 2008, while riding to raise funds for the Multiple Sclerosis Society, I have covered over 1,200 kms and have had your support  to raise over $10,000 !  These are big numbers, yet I have had the help of my friends and family, for which……I think every mile of the way about how persons with M S decline over time, lose independence, and leave occupations, sports and diversions. I will ride until M S is ended.

Why is all this riding so important to the M S Society? Last year, 2014, in the Calgary Chapter alone, over $700,000 was raised through the personal energies of volunteers. With that, funding was made available to assist persons with M S in easing their difficulties,  and funding was made to advance research into the causes and potentials for cures of this progressive disease. More is learned every day about the understanding of neurotransmission, immune system function, and muscle performance. The gain in basic knowledge will be forever. More information about vitamin therapies, physiotherapies and other approaches will assist many with M S.

On Saturday June 13,  2015, I will again join with over 500 riders for our Bike Tour. We will start from Airdrie and ride in the beauty of the prairies and through towns such as Carstairs, Crossfield, and Didsbury, until, 80 km later, we reach Olds where we rest for the evening. On the 14th we will re-trace our route to Airdrie and we will be amazed at the trip we have made. We have so much help from the volunteers and communities; we have so much fun together; we give to help others. We need your support. The M S Society will benefit, as will persons with M S, and we all will benefit through awareness and research.

Please pledge support for my ride with a generous donation by cheque made out to: 

M S SOCIETY-BIKE TOUR and sent by mail to: P O Box 1343, Banff, AB, T1L 1B3.  

OR: Online as follows:

Google->ms bike tour 2015->Airdrie to Olds->”DONATE” (top of the page)->

->search for a participant (me)->SEARCH-> use the secure path provided.

Thank you for your generous support. I’ll be  glad to ride for you again!

Bruce Anderson

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