Killer Beez Arm Warmers

Since I have been asked a few times in the last few months about another order of arm warmers, I wanted to explore the “real” interest before committing to an order. The arm warmers are great for sun protection as well as some additional warmth when needed. It’s a very lightweight material.

If you would like to purchase a pair of arm warmers as shown, please let me know how many pairs and what size. Medium fits most women (such as Joyce and myself), Large all the men as far as I know (unless you prefer Medium). The cost would be $20/pair if you pick it up at a Sunday ride (the next two Sundays after arrival of package) or $25/pair if you want it mailed. Payment would be via Interac transfer.

Please email me directly with your “expression of interest”. If there is enough interest, I will respond and confirm your order.