Armstrong/Enderby Ride Sept 25 – NEW DATE!

We are planning on riding the backroads from Armstrong to Enderby (and back via Grindrod) on Saturday, Sept 25. Start time at the Memorial Park in Armstrong at 9am sharp. Washrooms should be open. 

The route takes the backroads towards Enderby and then to Grindrod on mostly flat roads. Snack break is at Farmer John’s in Grindrod. After that, the regular route takes Springbend Road to Deep Creek and back to Armstrong. If you want more climbing, you can take Grandview Bench from Farmer John’s to Deep Creek. 
It’s about 40km to Farmer John’s, total around 80km if taking Springbend. The route can be made shorter or flatter if needed. 

Final assessment on the weather will be posted Friday afternoon. Please check the blog. 

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  1. Saturday is looking like the perfect day for this ride. Sunday, not so much. Any chance you are interested in moving it to Saturday?

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