OSCR (Armstrong Ride) 2020 and Beez Group Rides are Cancelled.

Cycling Canada has recommended the cancelling all cycling events scheduled for May due to the current Covid-19 pandemic.  Therefore Lisa Jaffrey issued a statement today saying that the OSCR (Armstrong Ride) has been cancelled for 2020.  Lisa stated that the OSCR is next scheduled for Sunday May 30, 2021 with registration on Monday April 5, 2021.

Due to the pandemic the popular Killer Beez group rides will also not be starting up this season.  Even though the BC Centre for Disease Control allows public gatherings of 50 people maximum, a large group ride would not be acceptable under current conditions.  However, riders must ride and we can continue to do so in small groups (2 – 3) while practicing social distancing.  Call up a Bee friend you haven’t seen for a while and ask them to join you for a ride.

Be safe out there.  Keep your distance and respect others.