Plans for the week of March 15 to 21, 2021

*** Edited March 17 at 2pm – after a fabulous ski starting at 9am ***

Please note the below times and dates for activities for this week. I will not text everyone with updates; instead I will edit the information below if changes are made!


9am Ski from Kallis parking lot – yes 9am! We are going to see how the extra half hour affects snow quality, plus a few of us have a busy second half of the day!


9:30am Hike of the Dilworth Tour, about 8km, 400m elevation gain

Meet in Lilliooet Park, 2180 Summit Drive

Rain or shine! I tested it today and there was no mud but wear good hiking shoes nevertheless as some areas are steep. 

9am Ski from the main lodge at Nordic (road has been graded)

9am Ski from Kallis parking lot at Nordic

Please check back for updates!