Ride and Raise Money for a the Canadian Mental Health Association.

I recently received the following information from Sarah Wallace of the Canadian Mental Health Association in Kelowna:

Ride Don’t Hide is the largest mental health fundraising bike ride in Canada and would love for your cycling group to be a part of it.

Ride Don’t Hide 2021 takes place during the whole month of June. That means you can take part anytime and in your own time.

You can do whatever you want to do. Think choose-your-own-adventure. That means you can ride (inside or out), walk or run, play tennis, dance, or do some yoga – it doesn’t matter what it is.

Ride Don’t Hide has its very own app which makes it easy to bring your friends, family, coworkers and classmates along for their own rides.”

If you would like to register for Ride Don’t Hide or would like more information please click here

We are going to ride anyway, so why not raise some money for a worthwhile cause while doing it.