Update: Arm warmers arriving today!

I was just notified by UPS that the arm warmers will be arriving today! So I will bring them to this week’s Sunday ride on July 29 as well as next week.

Please (as per the previous post) use INTERAC via email to pay for your orders or bring cash on Sunday (to make keeping track easiest I will only hand them out after payment 🙂 …)! I will put aside the ones for Beez who are away and have emailed me. Email me at biggi07@hotmail.com with questions.


One Reply to “Update: Arm warmers arriving today!”

  1. Hey Biggi> Sorry we didn’t get much chance to visit at Gyro. Hopefully we can make time soon.
    Did you order me a pair? IF so, great! but I don’t think that I gave you a size preference.
    We are both planning on riding this Sunday

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