Special Ride Monday, August 6

Armstrong-Grindrod Ride for Monday, August 6
Meet at Starbucks (1970 Kane Rd, unit 210, Kelowna) at 8 am to organize carpooling.  If you are heading straight to the starting point, the ride begins (and ends) at Rogers Foods, 4420 Larkin Cross Rd, Armstrong, BC V0E 1B6.  People should start arriving at Rogers Foods at around 9.00 am and we hope to start at 9.15 am. To get to Rogers Foods, drive through Vernon on Highway 97 and continue past Swan Lake.  The turnoff to Larkin Cross road is about 5km past the Swan Lake Nursery at the North End of Swan Lake.  See the attached map for finding Rogers.  The ride itself is 94 kms and includes some stunning scenery and great roads.  We will ride clockwise around the circuit illustrated in the second attached map.  Hope to see folks there.  

Waiver and Safety Rules

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  • You are riding at your own risk!
  • All road rules and traffic signals must be followed.
  • A helmet must be worn. It’s the law.
  • You should have liability insurance to cover any potential accidents.
  • All participants must ride single file and in bike lanes where available.
  • Highly visible clothing should be worn at all times while riding.
  • Pass only on the left when it is safe to do so. Passing or pulling up to riders on their right is not permitted.
  • Use of headphones or cell phones while riding is not permitted.

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