P for Personal!

Using the Beez group as the amazing resource it is, I wanted to ask some (purely personal) questions, trying to figure out a few things due to my changed living situation:

  • Does anyone have a small bar/cube fridge that they don’t need for the next few months? (preferable to purchasing a new one due to the environmental impact …)
  • Does anyone have a small microwave they don’t need for the next few months? (see above!)
  • Does anyone have a secure & covered parking space for rent/use for one car for about 5 weeks starting the beginning of April?

Please email me directly if you have any leads!

Ending with a few “motivational” pictures:

Buying a new Road or Gravel Bike this year?

For you data centric people out there who are thinking about buying a new road or gravel bike this year, here is some nerdy buying advice for you. 

Warning ! !  This video may cause the eyes of those who buy strictly on appearance to glaze over in minutes.

The Other Benefits of Cycling

Besides being an alternate method to get to a coffee shop, there may be 10 other benefits to cycling.  Who knew?

By the way, there are only about 60 sleeps until the start of cycling season for you hardy ones out there, 90 sleeps for the softies – if you’re counting that is. 

In the meantime there is snow to play in.  Contact Biggi or Mel for snow-play dates and times.

Happy 2021!

Wishing all the Killer Beez and their families a wonderful New Year … Lots of bike km’s, coffees and no flat tires!

Do you see yourself in this video? Comment on the post if you do 🙂

The Dr. Alistair Baillie Legacy Student Internship Fund

The BC Cancer Foundation has established a Legacy Student Internship Fund in memory of Alistair Baillie, our dear friend and long-time fellow Killer Beez member, who passed away earlier this year.  The purpose of his fund is to support a Summer Student in Medical Physics at the Kelowna Cancer Centre.

Because of his modesty, most of us never knew much about Alistair’s work, other than he worked at the Cancer Centre.  Click here for a summary of the exceptional accomplishments of this soft-spoken, unassuming man, and for information regarding his legacy fund, plus how you may contribute.

Something to Ponder

It’s been a tough year.   During this pandemic we have been restricted,  We have been confined.  We can’t do what we normally do.  We can’t go where we normally go.   Our external activities have been intentionally constrained for our safety and the safety of our fellowman.

But here’s something to ponder:

During 2020, the Earth has had a Time Out from us and our activities and thus has benefited in many ways.  When we are on the other side of this pandemic, let’s give our planet more of the care and attention it deserves.  It’s the only one we’ve got.

Have a wonderful Christmas and keep yourselves and others safe.

Happy Wednesday!

Hope you’re enjoying this beautiful day! Remember that quite a few of us ski on Wednesdays, Saturday and Sundays at Kelowna Nordic. They also have great snowshoe trails! If the sun is out, we picnic near the parking lot afterwards (and sample the newest baking endeavours of Mel, his wife Leslie and Larry!). Feel free to email Mel or myself if you’d like to meet up … you don’t have to be a fast skier, we have fun at different paces and abilities!

Here is something that the “Honorary Bee” Stephen in Vancouver sent to us:


Do you have a mountain bike gathering dust in the basement or garage over the winter?  Well then, you might be interested to know that you can turn that little beauty into a snowcycle and go play with your snowmobile friends, if you have some.  Here’s how.

Or you could just sell the mountain bike and get a fat bike plus some cross-country skis.  Now we’re talking.

Whatever.  Get out there and play in the snow.

Onto the ski trails …

The last shoulder season week was a busy one for the Beez … we hiked and snowshoed, enjoying deep snow and beautiful vistas.

As always, Geoff outdid himself with his Relive work … thank you for providing these!
Check them out below:

The ski season has now started. Some of us will explore Sovereign Lakes, others are happy that Kelowna Nordic started grooming on the same weekend. If you have never tried xc skiing, maybe this is the winter to give it a go – it is a great sport, providing a full-body workout without lasting all day, fresh air and sunshine, and no cars, fumes or traffic lights!

A group of us ski Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday mornings. If you’d like to meet up, please email us. The snowshoe trails at Kelowna Nordic are also fabulous, with great views, flagged trails and even GPS-referenced maps (so you can always check on your phone where you are). Tom has done amazing work on this all summer!

If you do not have a Kelowna Nordic season pass, you can still buy it ($125 for the whole season!) or conveniently donate online for day use passes (ski or snowshoe). Please see their website.

Lastly, I just wanted to comment on what a great group of people the Beez are! It is so nice to have a group of friends who are always interested in a good workout outside – and are not scared off by snow, steep climbs etc. I appreciate you all!