Hike – Sunday November 15! – SPION KOP

Update: The survey results show a clear preference for Spion Kop. So after a coffee at 9am we will be driving to the parking lot above Pelmewash Parkway. Here is the link for the trailhead. Hike will start at 10am.


Please take a minute to watch Geoff’s RELIVE of Sunday’s sunny hike around Rose Valley!

What is your preference for next Sunday? Despite the new snow, my guess is that skiing will not start yet. And even with snow on the ground, both McDougall Rim and Spion Kop would be fine to walk (we have done both in the snow and there are hardly any rocks, though shoes/boots with a good profile are recommended). And maybe the snow is melted away until then anyway!

Please complete this survey to let me know your preference!

Meet at 9am at the Bean Scene on Dickson, 10am hike start. Carpooling would be great! I will update the blog on Friday to reveal the destination.